EMS Training Related Research

Prof. Dr. Fritzsche, a heart surgeon and chief physician at the Sana Herzzentrum in Cottbus, and his team have played an important role in developing and improving the Easy Motion Skin®.

During the development period, he initiated and supervised more than 2000 training sessions with cardiac insufficiency patients at the Herzzentrum Nordrhein-Westfalen. The incredible results were described by him and his team in several publications.

The most important results included a significant increase in the absorption of oxygen and in patients’ strength, an increase in the cardiac ejection fraction, a drop in blood pressure and blood sugar levels, and (as a secondary effect) a reduction of lower back pain.

Prof. Dr. Dirk Fritzsche and his team, along with other experts who have carried out research into the medical effects of EMS training on patients with a wide range of symptoms, are considered to be the pioneers, inventors, and trailblazers for the wireless EMS technology used in the Easy Motion Skin®.

Research Papers​

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