Nima Dehghansai (Ph.D. candidate)

Nima Dehghansai has extensive experience working alongside high-performance coaches and elite athletes to optimize their training environment to maximize athlete potential. Nima has worked as a skill acquisition specialists supporting Canadian and Australian coaches and athletes while taking the role of an advisor to numerous provincial and national sporting organizations focusing on key topics including optimization of athletes’ daily training environment, coach development and support, talent identification, and development, and holistic approach to athlete development pathway. During his work, Nima has been invited to facilitate and present in numerous domestic and international workshops and conferences pertaining to the aforementioned topics. Throughout his scientific research and practical work, Nima has amassed the experience to provide you with the knowledge, resources, and skillsets tailored specifically to the dynamics of your environment. Today, Nima is one of our experts in iFitzone sharing his deep skills and knowledge.

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