Dr Farida Jeejeebhoy

Dr. Farida Jeejeebhoy completed her training in adult cardiology from the University of Toronto in 2001. She is additionally trained in Congenital Heart Disease and Cardiac Disease in Pregnancy. Dr. Farida Jeejeebhoy is an Assistant Professor of Medicine at the University of Toronto and a Cardiologist with William Osler Health System. Dr. Jeejeebhoy chaired the first scientific statement by the American Heart Association on the management of Cardiac Arrest in Pregnancy.

Dr. Jeejeebhoy has a desire to use her knowledge, experience, and expertise in the prevention of cardiovascular disease. She has found at an epidemic rate patients getting into a vicious cycle of weight gain, followed by arthritis causing further inactivity. This often leads to the development of cardiovascular risk factors such as diabetes, high cholesterol, and hypertension.  But because of arthritis and weight gain patients find it very difficult to get out of this cycle on their own.

At IFIT Zone Studio patients can engage in safe, effective, and well-tolerated exercise programs in a medically supervised environment designed specifically to get patients out of this vicious cycle.  EMS training will be used when possible as it does not load the joints and can help patients achieve their health and fitness goals where traditional exercise falls short. EMS has been studied extensively and is both a safe and effective form of exercise. 

As an Internist, Dr. Farida Jeejeebhoy also realizes that other important health problems can be addressed with EMS training. EMS training is ideal for pelvic floor strengthening to prevent and treat symptoms that arise from this post-pregnancy and age-related change such as female urinary incontinence and bothersome nighttime bathroom visits. Also, EMS training is ideal for the elderly to help with dementia and fall prevention. Finally, EMS training helps with mental health and isolation especially prevalent with this pandemic. EMS training is done 1:1 with a personal trainer and is effective with training programs of 2x/week for only 20 mins. Therefore, elderly patients can get out and get active in a safe environment. Of course, we are following all of the pandemic specific precautions at the studio.  

Dr. Farida Jeejeebhoy
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