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iFitzone offers private, online in-home personal training services in Vaughan at affordable prices. Our condo personal trainer rates and fitness packages are perfectly tailored to meet all of your fitness and athletic goals without requiring you to leave your house even during the COVID pandemic.

In order to learn more about our personal training packages, fitness training examples and as well as its cost please feel free to contact us.

The top health practitioners, female personal trainers in Vaughan for virtual training are all certified, iFitzone Fitness Experts.

Our in-home personal trainers take a truly customized and comprehensive approach to assisting you in achieving your objectives, wheter its weight loss, muscle building and etc.

Each private personal trainer is licensed, and several have degrees in Kinesiology, Fitness and Health Promotion, and other related fields.

Our workout plans and online personal training packages include one on one personal training with our certified nutritionist, fitness ems training, and wellness plans that you can do on your own terms, and complete help outside of the classes.

Our services are available to anyone at an inexpensive price, with easy and versatile bundles.

Contact us today to schedule your first session! We look forward to collaborating with you to achieve long-term results.

Your Local In-Home Personal Trainer Near Me

In the privacy of your own home or house, get in the best condition of your life with an experienced in-home fitness coach. The fitness experts at iFitzone are dedicated to assisting you in achieving positive results. Our private personal trainers don’t just teach you how to exercise; they even encourage you to do so.

We partner with you one-on-one to develop a wellness routine that is both successful and achievable. To provide the highest potential outcomes, we will provide you with ample assistance outside of the training hours. Our trainers can come to you at your house, condo gym, online, a partnered gym, an outdoor venue, or your workplace to teach you.

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Our Strategy

The optimal outcomes are achieved by using an individualized systematic method. And that addresses a wide range of topics related to wellness, inspiration, and diet. You don’t have to neglect your health because you live a busy life.

It’s typical for people to be overwhelmed by gyms. It’s understandable that most people would choose to exercise in the convenience, anonymity, and protection of their own homes if they had the choice. Or, if it’s more convenient, we’ll find the best trainer for you. Whenever and anywhere you want.

iFitzone provides flexible personal training whether it’s your house, an office, condo gym, in our studio, or even a local field, for anyone who wants to work on their own aspirations without coping with the pressures of a gym’s atmosphere.

Studio Personal Training in Vaughan

For those who need a more gym-like atmosphere, Your House Fitness offers a personal studio where clients can receive one-on-one attention and the full focus of the personal fitness trainers.

Customized workouts, lifestyle planning, and a healthy dose of inspiration are only a few of the benefits you may get from our studio trainers—just carry yourself and your workout clothes, and you’re good to go.

Extras in Every Personal Training Package with No Additional Fee

Exercising alone is insufficient. It’s critical to incorporate healthy dietary patterns and adapt workouts to the body’s requirements and potential if you ever choose to stick to a healthier lifestyle. Every person has a different starting point, and each individual has a different set of objectives. The further personalized the strategy, the more quickly and effectively it would be implemented.

Although other businesses focus on activities like diet planning and schedule tracking, iFitzone Fitness is dedicated to comprehensive health and optimizing every part of the exercise. Nutritional counseling, food prep, and fitness classes are also provided at no additional cost. We deem them a must-have for everyone serious about training.

All Personal Training Packages Include

  • Nutrition Counselling
  • Meal Planning
  • Exercise Programs

We use a combination of medical experience and dietary counseling to help you reach your health objectives in a healthy and long-term approach.

Before beginning your fitness routine, you’ll get a health assessment, a nutritional evaluation, and a medical examination.

Personal workout workouts in your own house are one hour long and are personalized to your own health needs and skills. By varying your routine on a regular basis, we’ll keep you physically and mentally active.

Your personal trainer will collaborate with you to accommodate your busy life. Finally, the trainer will devise a fitness schedule for you to follow on your days off in order to keep you active.

Personalized nutrition – Sustainable results

Our in-house dietician can create a custom nutritional schedule for you, including a shopping list and recipes. You’ll get regular reminders and suggestions to help you keep on schedule. We’ll show you how to feed well and when to get off the “train.”

How Much Does In-Home Personal Training Cost ?

When you sign up for our program, you’ll get professional help at a low cost. In fact, all our online personal training packages are cost very affordable and fit your budget.

Our mobile services can be considered for those seeking a mobile personal trainer in Vaughan, or near North York. Expect excellent quality, top-notch appliances and services, and free pre-and post-workout treatment.

private Personal Trainers

All of iFitzone’s personal trainers are professionally trained and ready to handle any scenario. Our personal trainers will maintain your wellbeing, assist you in maximizing your gains, and inspire you to achieve your goals. They have a wealth of knowledge and are still up to date with the most effective routines and fitness patterns.

Years of Top-notch Training and Happy Customers

Hundreds of satisfied customers have reviewed our training courses over time, and we’re proud to share that due to the high standard of our program, we almost always get return sessions. We’ve researched the Vaughan training scene over the last 3 years, searching for what’s lacking and what’s common with the local population, and we’re still looking for new things to offer—what that sets us apart.

Many of our personal trainers, whether female or male professionals, at Your House Fitness, are licensed throughout Canada and come from a range of educational experiences. We promise that your time with our trainers will be the most fun and fulfilling you’ve ever had with exercise, combining expertise, professionalism, and our enthusiasm for simplicity and performance.

At iFitzone Fitness Studio, We Are Completely Dedicated To Your Progress And Results

We promise that whether you’re a professional athlete or have never lifted a weight in your life, we’ll get you on the right path to improved health. Take a turn toward a healthier body and a healthier way of existence. Make an appointment with a personal trainer today!


Start to work out in the privacy of your own home. No matter if you don’t have any equipment. Our personal training programs will teach you how to control your own body while also getting in great condition.

A certified in-home personal trainer will lead you through a personalized strategy and help you achieve your goals. Our program will assist with fat reduction, muscle growth, and stomach tightening. We provide qualified weight trainers that are motivated and skilled directly at your house.

Our personal training is customized for each client. Every one of our customers receives a customized program, as well as dietary advice and accountability. Anyone of any age or fitness ability is welcome. The programs are suitable for people of all ages and fitness levels. We just need a 6ft by 6ft area and no further equipment.

Our in-house personal trainers specialize in body weight and functional exercises, but they also have access to more sophisticated equipment like Trx trainers, weights, and Bosu balls. We offer the right training program for you, whether you are a starter or an expert in physical fitness.

Why Choose ifiztone?

At iFitZone, your certified personal trainer will make sure you lose weight, build muscle and reach your goals faster by tailoring a unique fitness plan with a holistic approach.

Results speak itself and there is no need for making excuses. Wheter its your first time or you’re a seasoned athlete we have a customized training plan for you. Besides with personal approach, we also offer group training as well.

We are proud to help people, especially Vaughan residents to get amazing results, which is why they highly recommend our training sessions. Check our reviews for more info.


We are proud to offer the most competitive pricing in the areas that we servce. Since we offer personalized training packages, pricing may vary based on your goals. To see the effectiveness of our training programs we also offer a FREE TRIAL.

With tailored training programs, we can help you achieve greater weight loss results.

At iFitZone, your certified personal trainer will ensure that you lose weight, gain muscle, and attain your objectives as quickly as possible by creating a personalised workout plan that takes a holistic approach to fitness.

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