Hybrid training

what is hybrid training?

This is a hybrid model of  EMS training program and conventional training allowing you to reach your full fitness potential.

The hybrid model is the absolute best program for someone who is looking to gain lean muscles, burn fat, build strength, lose weight, and increase endurance and performance.

It is a combination of  20 minutes of EMS Training x 2 times a week and 40 minutes of conventional full-body training x 1 or 2 times a week.

The hybrid workout approach is a great option to level up your fitness and get the results you need.

In addition to the EMS training, IFIT ZONE hybrid training is made up of traditional training including, cardio and resistance machines, free weights, and power racks that work for every muscle group. 

The HYBRID Model is an excellent way to get into shape fast.

Get your Free Session today at IFIT Zone studio and try this all-inclusive workout. 


Helps to avoid plateau – Despite doing all the right things, a plateau in exercise leads to a sudden drop in the measurable effects of the daily workouts. As you turn up your fitness routine and shock it with new moves/exercises, your body continues to thrive. That’s exactly what hybrid training does for the body, so there are infinite variations of the exercise.

Time-saving – Hybrid training is made up of specific movements to help you work as many muscles as possible in as many ways at once. This puts stress on the body, so it has to work harder to keep up with the need for energy. Therefore, as the exercise intensity increases, your heart rate and calorie burn do so.

Improves balance – Hybrid workouts help the muscles of the heart work harder so that during the routine you can maintain stability. And the harder your heart muscles work, the stronger they get and the better the balance becomes.

What is a hybrid athlete?

A hybrid athlete refers to someone who can excel in both strength and endurance training at the same time. Thanks to iFitzone Athletic Workout Program, now you can improve and advance both your endurance and as well as strength by following workout routines individually designed just for you by experts.  

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