How Long Does It Take For Pre Workout To Kick In

how long does pre workout take to kick in

Nowadays, together with protein powder, many athletes also benefit from pre-workout supplements, which are easy to use and as well as effective. Although it’s easy to use a supplement, still many people wonder how long does pre-workout takes to kick in.

The following blog article has been crafted by iFitzone team to clarify one of the common questions on pre-workout supplements when it comes to their timing and effectiveness.

So, How Long Does Pre Workout Take To Kick In?

In general, it takes from half an hour to an hour for the active ingredients in your pre-workout drink to become effective and reach a peak in blood. Therefore, it’s a good idea to drink it while you’re still on your way to the gym in order to have an efficient workout.

This means that you should not worry about drinking your supplement even a few hours before the workout. Because, it takes quite a long time for your body to drop the concentration of caffeine in your blood, which is one of the most active ingredients in many pre-workout supplements.

When To Take Pre Workout?

In order to have a full benefit from the drink, it’s still better to drink it about half an hour before you start exercising. When it comes to the timing of the supplement, your main concern should actually be when you take it too late, but not earlier.

Therefore, if you’re in half of your workout routine and remember that you have not taken your pre-workout drink, then it’s actually better not to consume it. Because it’s the active ingredients in the drink that may cause you trouble sleep especially if you’re working out late in the evening.

Taking Pre Workout On Empty Stomach

Feeling jittery or light-headed? This is the feeling when you drink a cup of coffee on an empty stomach. So, this is exactly how you’re gonna feel if you drink a pre-workout without eating anything.

In general, it’s actually a much better idea to have a small meal about an hour before your workouts. This will not only eliminate the side effects of drinking pre-workout on empty stomach, but it will also provide you with calories that you will need to push through your hard workout.

On the other hand, if you worry about whether drinking a pre-workout on an empty stomach might reduce its effectiveness, then try to avoid consuming foods with a lot of fiber. Because, fiber-rich foods can slow down digestion, thus preventing carbs to get into the bloodstream faster, which you probably need.

Taking Pre Workout And Not Working Out

Generally, loading your body with stimulants day and night is not healthy. This means that unless you’re not working out it’s not a good idea to take them, since all pre-workout supplements have their time and place.

Of course, drinking pre-workout supplements on the days that you’re too exhausted is ok, but it’s important not to make it a daily habit.

Taking Pre Workout Without Water

Some people take those vitamins and supplements without drinking any water, which may lead to poor workout performance, hamper your muscle gain and as well as dehydration. Because water is the first and most important factor in your body helping to metabolize all vitamins and elements.  On the other hand, taking pre-workout and not drinking water can also cause problems for your kidneys.

How Long Does Pre Workout Last?

The halflife of pre-workout supplement mainly depends on an individual. For example, if you’re less sensitive to the stimulants, then you’re gonna feel the effects of the drink during the next 6 hours.

On the other hand, individuals highly sensitive to stimulants may even feel the effects of the drink for more than 6 hours of time.

For those less sensitive to stimulants, the average individual can expect to feel the full effects within 45 minutes and last for 3-6 hours. For those more sensitive to stimulants, the effects will likely be felt faster and last closer to 6 hours.

How Long Does Pre Workout Last After Opening?

After opening the packet, many supplements tend to expire faster. Depending on what type of pre-workout or protein powder you are using, the expiry date can be as short as 8 weeks.

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