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Personalized Approach for Fitness And Nutrition

iFitZone is the best go-to fitness gym in Woodbridge & Vaughan for taking care of your body. We understand that not one size fits all, so we offer private training sessions and nutritional programs to fit individual needs. Whether you’re looking to lose weight or want to bulk up, iFitZone fitness center has a program for you.

What Makes Our Private Gym Stand Out?

  • Have a fully personalized experience with your own EMS personal trainer
  • Get flexible and affordable packages that can be adapted to suit your needs
  • Get the body you want at the pace that suits you
  • Improve your fitness goals by finding programs tailored for customers of all levels
  • Trainers are experts in all aspects of fitness
  • A variety of training and nutrition programs to meet your needs
  • Personalized goal setting with certified professionals
You will look great and feel better with our wide variety of exercise programs. Enjoy your in home personal training sessions, group classes all while staying on track with the latest information in the fitness world.


One of the best facilities in town, our facility offers a series of private fitness instructors who can help you reach your goals. iFitZone is a one-of-a-kind gym exclusively for you!

A new era in condo personal training is on the horizon, and it’s so close you can experience it right here at the iFitZone. With a variety of packages to suit up your needs, we guarantee that zoned out feeling so you have plenty of energy for that date with destiny you’ve been looking forward to all day!

Want to get that dream body? In our private hym, we’ll train you from head-to-toe while pushing your workouts past exhaustion. Let us help take care of everything including managing your nutrition plans too. Hit us up for more information by filling out our contact form today; we won’t stop until we know what makes YOU happy.

Check our reviews

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Cathy Ferlisi
Cathy Ferlisi
iFitZone - in particular Serge are top notch. Serge modifies the sessions as needed, offers positive feedback and has a friendly yet professional disposition. The gym is very clean. I highly recommend IFitZone Woodbridge.
Farid Guliyev
Farid Guliyev
Serge is the best trainer. Outstanding gym!
Eldar Israfilli
Eldar Israfilli
Hands down, best choice I’ve made training at IFitZone. VERY friendly team who makes me actually want to go train. I look forward to walking through the doors and always feel amazing when I leave.
I had an amazing experience with the trainers: Serge and Ryan, and we trained in a fit zone studio. I feel great and it improves my stress levels after doing every training. It is an amazing place to have incredible trainers and professionals. Serge and Ryan are very good at how to communicating with me and so they won't cause any misunderstandings at all costs. They are kind, have great knowledge of fitness, friendly and brilliant teachers. It’s highly recommended you’re going to this place and it is very great for your fitness. You will enjoy it for sure! Huge thanks to Serge and Ryan for helping me with everything for my fitness journey! 🙂
Renata Kulpa
Renata Kulpa
Sergei and his crew are super accommodating
Vladislav Averbukh
Vladislav Averbukh
Excellent staff. See the results faster then any other workout.
Luca Carnegie
Luca Carnegie
I had an amazing experience with the personal training services here. Coming from basically no prior experience in the gym, Serge showed me how to live a healthier lifestyle with a kind and supportive attitude. I would recommend iFit for anyone who needs help (big or small) on their fitness journey!
Stephanie sarra
Stephanie sarra
Always a pleasure coming here! Serge & nelly are always so wonderful to me. My workouts with Nelly are always incredible & she keeps me super motivated. The facility is always kept very clean and organized which is very important for a gym. Can’t recommend this place any more!
Olga Dvorkin
Olga Dvorkin
I tried different gyms and could not find something that would fulfill my needs and expectations until I discovered iFitZone - EMS Training and Fitness. I have an amazing experience with the personal training here. Serge and his team are professionals with valuable knowledge, unconditional support and inspiration. I enjoy my customized training program and I see the results. In addition, the place is nice, clean and equipped with everything you need for all types of training. Highly recommended!!

We know that everyone has different fitness goals, so we have a wide range of programs and trainers at iFitZone.

Whether you want to lose weight or bulk up, our personal training sessions are perfect for your individual needs. You’ll be able to work with one-on-one attention from an expert trainer who will help you reach your goal in no time!

Our team is made up of the best trainers in Woodbridge who will push you past limits and get results.

They’re dedicated professionals who love what they do and it shows when they’re helping people achieve their health goals every day.

If you’re ready to take control of your life, then come see us today!

ifitzone gym in woodbridge

You’re sure to get into shape at iFitZone with your personal trainer in Woodbridge!

Say goodbye to feeling sluggish during that morning jog or picking up that extra pack of hot dogs for lunch.

Learn about what exercises are best for you and exactly how long you need to work out each day before getting sore so you can enjoy increased energy, increased metabolism, decreased stress levels, improved coordination, and agility all thanks to us!


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