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iFitZone offers free trial fitness classes in Vaughan, welcoming clients from Vellore, Sherwood, Pine Grove, Purpleville, and all surrounding areas. Our group and personal training classes are conducted by expert coaches that have years of professional experience. Whether you are looking for to lose fat or build muscle in the shortest time possible, our fitness studio is one of a kind. Our personalized workouts will make sure that you have the maximum benefit from your workouts

All of the neighboring communities are welcome to join iFitZone’s sessions in Vaughan, including Vellore and Sherwood.

Our group and one-on-one training sessions are led by highly qualified instructors who have worked in the fitness industry for many years.

Our fitness studio is one of a kind, whether you want to lose weight or gain muscle in the fastest period of time imaginable.

You’ll get the most out of your exercises thanks to our customized programs. In order to learn more about our personal training packages, fitness training examples and as well as its cost please feel free to contact us.

Our coaches will provide you with a fully tailored and thorough approach to achieving your goals.

Each private personal trainer is certified, and many have degrees in kinesiology, fitness, and health promotion, among other fields.

Our packages and exercise plans include one-on-one personal training with a qualified dietitian, fitness ems training, and wellness programs that you can perform on your own time, as well as comprehensive assistance outside of the sessions.

Our services are offered to everybody at a low cost, with simple and flexible packages.

To arrange your first appointment, please contact us right away! We look forward to following working with you to achieve long-term outcomes.

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fitness classes vaughan


We are proud to offer the most competitive pricing in the areas that we servce. Since we offer personalized training packages, pricing may vary based on your goals. To see the effectiveness of our training programs we also offer a FREE TRIAL.

With tailored training programs, we can help you achieve greater weight loss results.

At iFitZone, your certified personal trainer will ensure that you lose weight, gain muscle, and attain your objectives as quickly as possible by creating a personalised workout plan that takes a holistic approach to fitness.

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