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Electrical Muscle Stimulation by iFitZone

iFitZone, Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) fitness center in Vaughan, Toronto, ON  offers professional EMS fitness training programs for weight loss, designed by expert trainers. With our whole body training sessions at our gym, or at home, you will get the maximum benefit from your EMS workout plan, helping you to lose fat and build muscle much more efficiently and in a shorter time. 

EMS training, which uses electrical impulses, is considered a full-body workout that utilizes electrical stimulation. This high-intensity whole-body workout only lasts 20 minutes long and can be the equivalent of hours of traditional exercises.

How Does Ems Personal training work?

EMS (Check Electrical Muscle Stimulation Before and After ) is the stimulation of muscle contraction using electrical impulses. iFitzone offers EMS fitness training programs that can be used for effectively reconditioning and strengthening muscles.

Does it sound too scientific? It is actually quite simple.

Electro muscle stimulation device sends impulses. Those impulses are transmitted to the skin surface above the muscles to be activated by electrodes. The impulses allow certain muscles to contract, resulting in a result that represents real muscle activity and standard contractions.

EMS session works by sending electric impulses directly to these motoric nerves that are similar to the body’s actual movement and regular contractions. These additional impulses are stimulating muscles via the adjustable full-body Easy Motion Training Suit.

At IFIT ZONE, EMS Trainer Studio, you will experience a reduction in fat while gaining muscle mass, which boosts metabolism.

Our health consultants at iFitzone, not only know how to operate all those EMS devices, but are also trained on how to supervise and motivate the customers effectively, while using guidelines, best practices, and as well as protocols for getting maximum results.

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two 20-minute EMS workouts PER WEEK is all you need to lose weight


EMS training benefits:

Lose Weight & Build Muscle

EMS training build muscles, resulting in intense level workout and is an optimal solution for lasting weight loss and shedding fat. Healthy eating alone is not enough – you need effective, regular training to reduce fat in problem areas. You can focus on particular muscles with problematic areas through EMS technology.


“Time is money” as the old saying goes, and it is especially relevant in today’s busy world. With EMS circuit training you can achieve the results of a 90-minute training session in just 20 minutes, including strengthening and cardio sessions according to your preference.


Tone the muscles and reduce cellulite with full-body EMS strength training mixed with aerobic workouts. The circulation of the muscular and connective tissues and calorie burning capacity will be improved, resulting in firmer and more toned skin as well as a decrease of cellulite.

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EMS Treatment, unlike normal resistance training, does not place undue strain on the knees, and it can be used following an accident or to relieve joint discomfort with the support of a physician.


Tactical EMS can also be used if there are muscular imbalances or underdeveloped muscles in the body. At our EMS studio, we easily target the appropriate muscle groups with the professional placement of the electrodes in the specialized EMS training suit.


Using EMS, you will strengthen your balance,  improve overall fitness as the unique training include back, stomach,  abs, and also shoulder workouts.

What to expect during an EMS training session?

The healing benefit is that EMS workout stimulates all major muscle groups. This helps to gain muscle mass, enhances the quality of physical and emotional well-being and creates more muscle fibre at an accelerated rate. Rehabilitation and mobility: After an injury or an operation, your muscle volume and strength decreases. Training with EMS provides optimal support, relieving the joint pain, back pain when it comes to gently rebuild a specific muscle or muscle group.

All of the exercises can be done standing or in a horizontal posture. Bladder fatigue is a normal and unpleasant disorder that causes incontinence.

After only a few sessions of EMS exercise, the pelvic floor muscles can be strengthened and incontinence can be prevented and relieved. This is particularly useful for women who have bladder failure following birth.

Nowadays, most other conventional exercises have been replaced by whole-body training systems carried out by professional personal trainers. You can rest assured that our devices and as well as iFitzone trainers will keep you safe and supervised while training. 

During strength training, the brain sends impulses that stimulate muscle fibers to contract to make each major muscle group exercise. However, not all muscles benefit during regular workouts. This is because regular exercise will only stimulate your fast-twitch muscles, which means that you will never get the maximum benefit from your workouts.

Unlike traditional strength training, EMS Training uses electric impulses which are similar to your body’s natural stimulus transductions, which increases calorie burning capacity and boosts metabolism.

does ems work?

Yes, since EMS Training stimulates even the weakly connected muscles and muscle fibers, it helps to develop the motoric nerve connections relating to muscle movement. EMS training helps to develop the motoric nerve connections relating to muscle movement and can help you to have tone muscle, burn fat and reduce cellulite.

This makes EMS very to become effective for the treatment of injuries and as well as physiotherapy.

This kind of workout with an EMS suit will help you to burn fat, create more muscle fiber and stay fit during your new fitness journey. When you have more active muscle tissue, it increases for more energy intake which helps to burn more calories, even at rest!

As an EMS fitness studio, iFitzone is the finest specialized Electric Muscle Stimulation (EMS) training facility in Vaughan, Ontario, passionate for technology and fitness. We are proud to be the #1 choice of all the professional athletes and as well as sports teams.

how often should you do ems training?

To achieve optimal results EMS exercises should be done 2x per week with 20 minutes per session. This state-of-the-art technology is the best way to get all the benefits of a 90-minute workout in just 20 minutes!

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EMS training facts: Prof. Dr. Fritzsche, a heart surgeon and chief physician at the Sana Herzzentrum in Cottbus, and his team have played an important role in developing and improving the Easy Motion Skin®.

As part of a project sponsored by the Federal Ministry of Science, Fritzsche identified the flaws in current EMS technologies and created the world’s first wireless internally connected EMS system. He also invented the first dry electrode, which allowed for EMS training without the use of excessive moisture.

He conducted and oversaw more than 2000 training sessions for cardiac insufficiency patients at the Herzzentrum Nordrhein-Westfalen during the development stage. His and his team’s amazing achievements have been recorded in a number of articles.

The most notable outcomes were an improvement in oxygen intake and patient strength, an improvement in heart ejection fraction, blood circulation, a decrease in blood pressure and blood sugar, and (as a side effect) a decline in lower back discomfort.

Prof. Dr. Dirk Fritzsche and his colleagues, as well as other professionals who have conducted studies into the medical benefits of EMS training on patients with a variety of symptoms, are regarded as the inventors, trailblazers, and founders of the wireless EMS system used in the Easy Motion Skin®.

Prof. Dr. Dirk Fritzsche has used his medical and science knowledge to create the Easy Motion Skin®, the world’s first wireless EMS training method with dry electrodes. It takes cutting-edge technologies and medically validated experience to a whole new level.

Prof. Dr. Dirk Fritzsche and his colleagues, as well as other professionals who have conducted study into the physiological impact of the instruction on patients with a variety of symptoms, are regarded as the inventors, trailblazers, and founders of the wireless EMS system utilised in the Easy Motion Skin®.

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wireless ems training

is ems training safe? Does it have side effects?

Before your train:

The muscle-building programs are limited to the maximum dosage recommended by doctors.  The 85 Hz training sessions can be performed only twice a week, with a minimum of 36 hours between them. You should, however, use all of Easy Motion Skin’s regenerating, stamina, and metabolism-stimulating programmes more often. The restriction is strictly for your own safety and only extends to the most intense power-training workouts.

Before exercise, drink a lot of water (at least 0.5 liters of warm water or a mineral drink). To be efficient, more active muscle tissue requires additional minerals such as calcium, magnesium, potassium, and sodium as well as nutrients like potassium, sodium, and etc.

Health requirements:

EMS training should only be used after consulting a physician with the following medical problems:

  • Diabetes
  • Febrile illnesses
  • Acute bacterial or viral processes
  • Bleeding, severe bleeding (hemophilia)
  • Epilepsy
  • Cardiac history
  • Pregnancy
  • Severe circulatory disorders
  • Abdominal wall or inguinal hernia
  • Tuberculosis
  • Tumor diseases
  • Advanced arteriosclerosis, arterial circulatory disorders
  • Severe Neurological Disorders


Benefits of Having Personal Trainer during EMS Training

The research shows that compared to training without supervision, a professional personal trainer can help you to have better strength improvements. You will be more motivated with a professional personal trainer than you’d motivate yourself.

EMS exercises will definitely help you to achieve even better results with our personal trainers at iFitzone. Our trainers will design individual intense exercises that encourage you to do your best. 

Our trainers will assess and evaluate your progress through medical-grade assessment devices. We can help you track your progress as you train and experience the change.


EMS helps weight loss by increasing muscle mass, which in turn increases metabolism and burns fat. It is best to combine EMS exercise with a healthy, well-balanced diet to maximize weight reduction.

Yes, we offer personally tailored training sessions at home for your own comfort.

We offer EMS drop-in session which starts at $80/ session. And you can also save more money when you get a package that offers 50 or more sessions

When it comes to EMS training costs, we offer the most reasonable prices. Pricing may vary based on whether you want personal or group training.

When compared to traditional weight training at the gym, EMS is far more effective. With the help of these scientifically proved data, you may get very effective results in a short amount of time.

We encourage that our customers exercise once or twice a week . The body requires 36-48 hours to recover fully after each workout session, therefore doing more than two is not suggested.

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