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What is EMS Training?

EMS training is a full body workout that uses electrical muscle stimulation. It helps to achieve results similar to 2 hours of conventional workout in just 20 minutes. By using electric impulses to induce muscle contraction, EMS muscle training helps to burn fat and build muscle. EMS device boosts the effectiveness of your workouts. At iFitzone, we proud to offer the best EMS training programs in Vaughan and Toronto residents.

As a whole body workout EMS lasts only 20 minutes, which is more effective than 2 hours of traditional strength training. This approach to exercise is designed to efficiently build muscle and lose fat, while providing other health benefits such as improved posture, decreased stress levels, and increased energy. 

Imagine this: You just wrapped up an EMS training session and boom! You've torched 500 calories right off the bat. But that's just the beginning of the magic. Over the next 48 hours, your body revs up and keeps the burn going, zapping away up to 2000 more calories! That's right, 2000! You won't get that kind of bonus with a regular workout.

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iFitZone EMS Training Studio

Looking for EMS training near you? iFitZone, located in Vaughan, is passionate about helping the clients reach their fitness goals. 

Our certified personal trainers use the latest EMS technology to help you achieve your desired results quickly and safely. 

We use a unique approach that combines traditional exercises with EMS training to target all major muscle groups for maximum effectiveness

Our competitive pricing starts from CAD 80. You’re welcome to try a free session. 

Missing out on the opportunity to reach your fitness goals faster than ever before...sounds dreadful, right? Avoid regrets and explore what EMS training has to offer. You don't want to be left wondering, "What if?"


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Cathy Ferlisi
Cathy Ferlisi
iFitZone - in particular Serge are top notch. Serge modifies the sessions as needed, offers positive feedback and has a friendly yet professional disposition. The gym is very clean. I highly recommend IFitZone Woodbridge.
Farid Guliyev
Farid Guliyev
Serge is the best trainer. Outstanding gym!
Eldar Israfilli
Eldar Israfilli
Hands down, best choice I’ve made training at IFitZone. VERY friendly team who makes me actually want to go train. I look forward to walking through the doors and always feel amazing when I leave.
I had an amazing experience with the trainers: Serge and Ryan, and we trained in a fit zone studio. I feel great and it improves my stress levels after doing every training. It is an amazing place to have incredible trainers and professionals. Serge and Ryan are very good at how to communicating with me and so they won't cause any misunderstandings at all costs. They are kind, have great knowledge of fitness, friendly and brilliant teachers. It’s highly recommended you’re going to this place and it is very great for your fitness. You will enjoy it for sure! Huge thanks to Serge and Ryan for helping me with everything for my fitness journey! :)
Renata Kulpa
Renata Kulpa
Sergei and his crew are super accommodating
Vladislav Averbukh
Vladislav Averbukh
Excellent staff. See the results faster then any other workout.
Luca Carnegie
Luca Carnegie
I had an amazing experience with the personal training services here. Coming from basically no prior experience in the gym, Serge showed me how to live a healthier lifestyle with a kind and supportive attitude. I would recommend iFit for anyone who needs help (big or small) on their fitness journey!
Stephanie sarra
Stephanie sarra
Always a pleasure coming here! Serge & nelly are always so wonderful to me. My workouts with Nelly are always incredible & she keeps me super motivated. The facility is always kept very clean and organized which is very important for a gym. Can’t recommend this place any more!
Olga Dvorkin
Olga Dvorkin
I tried different gyms and could not find something that would fulfill my needs and expectations until I discovered iFitZone - EMS Training and Fitness. I have an amazing experience with the personal training here. Serge and his team are professionals with valuable knowledge, unconditional support and inspiration. I enjoy my customized training program and I see the results. In addition, the place is nice, clean and equipped with everything you need for all types of training. Highly recommended!!
HHC Centre
HHC Centre
Great trainers, clean place, effective workout. Love this place!
A person doing a full body workout with electric muscle stimulation

EMS Training Helps You To get fit and keeps you there faster

Electrical Muscle Stimulation training has been proven to be an effective and time-saving way to activate major muscles, as it uses electric impulses to generate muscle contraction. The intensity of the workout can be easily adjusted via a handheld EMS device providing an intense yet safe exercise for all fitness levels. It also helps in correcting muscular imbalances, increasing mobility, flexibility and strength while reducing the risk of injury. EMS has been proven by numerous studies to provide all the benefits of traditional resistance training with significantly less effort.

EMS training is able to stimulate muscle contraction, targeting all major muscle groups and assisting in the development of motoric nerve connections relating to muscle movement. Notably, more active muscle tissue requires additional energy, helping to burn fat, making EMS training a powerful tool for those aiming to sculpt their physique. 

Gaining muscle mass through conventional workout methods can sometimes lead to joint pain and not all muscles are necessarily engaged, particularly the deeper muscle fibres. However, combining EMS with cardio sessions can promote overall muscle mass development while easing the strain on joints, allowing for a comprehensive and balanced fitness routine.

What is EMS Training good for?

1. Increased Strength and Endurance:

EMS training is a great way to improve overall strength and endurance. The electricity stimulates the muscles, causing them to contract and relax, resulting in enhanced muscle strength. This type of training helps to increase muscle power and explosiveness, meaning that you can perform better when tackling activities such as running or lifting weights. EMS also helps improve endurance, allowing you to last longer when exercising.

2. Core Stability and Balance:

By stimulating the muscles around your torso and spine, EMS training is designed to give you the best results possible. This increased stability helps protect the body from injuries caused by sudden movements or falls. It also strengthens the muscles in the abdomen and back, helping to improve posture. Additionally, it can help with balance by strengthening the muscles that control coordination and movement.

3. Faster Recovery:

It can also help athletes achieve faster recovery from strenuous activity or injury. The electric impulses stimulate blood flow in the muscles, resulting in increased oxygenation of the cells and increased removal of waste products. This improved circulation helps to speed up the healing process, allowing athletes to get back in the game faster.

4. Greater Range of Motion:

The electrical impulses from the EMS suit increase flexibility and range of motion in many parts of the body, making it easier to move and execute certain exercises or activities. This can come in handy for those who need to perform activities that require a greater range of motion, such as sports or martial arts.

5. Improved Mental State:

The electrical impulses stimulate the brain, resulting in better cognitive function and improved clarity of thought. This can be especially beneficial for athletes who need to stay focused and alert during intense activities such as competition. In addition, it has been shown that EMS can help reduce stress and anxiety levels, resulting in a more positive mental state overall. EMS training is safe for most people and has no side effects, but as with any exercise program, please consult with your doctor before starting.

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