How Does EMS Training For Weight Loss Work?

ems training weight loss

Do you know that EMS training can help you to lose a lot of weight and fat in just 20 minutes twice per week? In fact, compared to traditional methods of exercising which only activates 30% of muscles, EMS workouts can activate up to 80 percent of all targeted muscles at the same time.

Now you can achieve low body fat, while also building muscle with EMS treatment by only spending 40 minutes per week.

Nowadays, there is an increasing interest in electrical stimulation (EMS) for muscle building, recovery, and as well as fat burn. Although this approach has been previously mainly used by physical therapists, the advancement of technology now enables everyone to benefit from EMS training.

According to the studies, ems significantly contributes to weight loss while helping individuals to build muscle, burn fat, and increase hypertrophy. The research also shows that the application of EMS therapy does also have a positive effect on muscle recovery after injury.

While electric muscle stimulators are commonly utilized in physical therapy, they are also federally supervised. In order to follow safety instructions and proper usage, these devices are mainly administered by healthcare professionals. However, many companies have also started offering EMS devices in the market.

The EMS device sends electric signals to the targeted muscle groups through the pads attached to the skin. This makes muscles contract while reducing any pain and as well as discomfort. Professional athletes often enjoy the benefits of electric muscle stimulators to help them increase the muscle recovery process.

can you lose weight with ems training?

Yes. In fact, the EMS system’s unique workouts will help you burn calories quickly, allowing you to burn fat and lose weight. It’s possible to lose up to 2500 calories in a single workout session.


EMS helps burn fat using small electrodes, which stimulate your muscles, speeding up your training and improving your body-toning outcomes


It’s possible for you to lose 3.5 kg and 9 percent body fat, as well as 6.5 cm from your waist and 2 cm from your upper arm circumference, following just 13 weeks of EMS training.

How Does EMS Weight Loss Work?

Although there has been little research carried out on the effects of electronic Muscle Stimulator for weight loss, all these studies indicate that ems can significantly help to burn fat and lose weight when combined with regular exercise.

According to the study published on Open Medicine, EMS training weight loss works by increasing blood flow in muscles, which helps athletes to cut down on recovery time and speed up the regeneration of muscle fibers. Study shows that participants also benefited from exercising more consistently at a high intensity.

Although electrotherapy is widely used by physical therapist’s offices, many health and fitness studios, such as iFitzone, also offer this innovative technology during workouts. During the exercise, the athlete wears an EMS suit which is attached to the control panel. The trainer or instructor chooses the respective muscle category and changes the current to maximize the activation of those muscles, based on the exercise being done.

Electrostimulation weight loss is a fantastic and effective way to replace those torturous three-hour sessions at the gym with a shot time and efficient workout. Electrostimulation is also a much safer way to achieve your weight loss goals than any other form of exercise or diet because it does not put stress on the joints and can help those who need to ease into fitness, especially post-surgery and for the elderly.

An electrostimulation unit is a much more relaxing way to work out than going to the gym. You can also use it to exercise your upper body and make it a complete workout. If you have weight to lose, the tens unit can be a great help. It stimulates muscles without using any weights, so it’s perfect for weight loss. You can use it in combination with other forms of activity like walking or biking as well.

Muscle shock therapy is an example of electrostimulation. It has been a safe and effective way to treat muscle spasms. Muscle shock therapy works by sending electric pulses through the muscles in order to increase blood flow and break up muscle cramps. Muscle shock therapy can be used for those who need a light form of exercises, such as people with heart conditions or people recovering from surgery.

It’s important to drink lots of fluids before, during, and after exercising because fluids help your body refresh and recover from physical activity. Electrostimulation and muscle shock therapy are safe forms of exercise, so enjoy your workout!

As with any device, it is important to use caution when using an electrostimulation unit. Make sure you read the instructions completely before using your unit. It is also important to know what side effects you may encounter from it and be prepared for them.

You will feel a tingling sensation when you use the unit, which is normal. Should the sensation get to be too much for you, just reduce the intensity level of your unit. Do not use your unit if it feels hot or becomes discolored; these are signs that there is damage and you should discontinue use immediately.

does ems burn fat?

Now lets take a look at the question if ems burns fat:

As opposed to traditional workouts, electrical muscle stimulation helps to burn higher calories and as well as body fat. The study indicates that while conventional exercises activate only 30 percent of muscles in your body, this rate increases up to 80 percent when a group of muscles is activated thanks to EMS.

how many calories does ems burn in a session?

In one session of EMS training, you can burn up to 2500 calories. You’ll quickly burn calories with the this particular workout, making this an excellent technique to lose weight and burn fat.

about ems weight loss side effects:

The electrotherapy weight loss process is totally pain-free procedure that has no side effects. In fact, it significantly improves blood circulation, alleviating pain and muscle aches, while helping your body to get rid of excess fat when combined with regular exercises.

If you want an ideal solution for the long-lasting effect of losing fat and building muscle, then EMS training is one of the best choices. In fact, some areas in your body prone to lose fat faster than other areas, where the blood circulation is low. You can see the EMS workout results in just 20 minutes of workout compared to 90 minutes of the conventional training session.

ems training weight loss reviews

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