iFitzone, a fitness centre in Vaughan, offers Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) training Thornhill at affordable prices and high quality. With our personalized training programs you will train more efficiently, save your time and achieve better results from your workouts. Now you can stay fit faster than ever with only 2 workouts per week.

two 20-minute workouts PER WEEK is all you need to lose weight

With EMS Training, You Will Be Able To Achieve Faster Results And Stay Fit Even Longer

During your exercises, you will wear a special EMS suit. It works by wearing a special suit during exercise. The electrode patches on the suit massage the muscle during training, enhance the metabolism, and increase blood flow, resulting in a more intense muscle workout and better performance. As a result, the exercise becomes intense, with 20 minutes equating to 2-3 hours at a normal gym.

What are the benefits of EMS training?

All your training sessions will be supervised by a certified personal trainer. You will be able to use up to 90 percent of all your muscles thanks to EMS suit. This type of training puts no strain on your legs and arms, since it does not involve heavy weights. iFitzone will provide all the necessary equipment. 

What Is Electrical Muscle Stimulation (Ems)?

EMS helps to further contract targeted muscle groups by sending small electric impulses during your workouts. Although it sounds too scientific, the process is actually very simple to understand. 

Your EMS suit will have patches connected with electrodes, which send small electric signals to the muscles. These impulses, in turn, make the muscles contract as you do in a regular exercise. EMS suite helps you to have better performance and intense workouts.

How Does It Work?

In traditional strength exercise, our brain sends signals to the muscles, causing them to contract. But, since we are used to triggering only a few muscles on a daily basis, we don’t have strong interactions between the brain and all the muscles.

Compared to the traditional way of training, EMS helps to stimulate all the major muscles in your body. This, in turn, helps the brain and the muscles to generate even stronger connections.

EMS Exercise activates muscle fibers in an atypical order, resulting in a more intense workout that recruits more muscle fiber more quickly. Even with EMS on, creating stronger muscle tissue requires more energy and burns more calories!

ems training thornhill by ifitzone

The Benefits Of Ems Training

  • Build Muscles Efficiently

The EMS suit electrodes help every targeted muscle group to grow faster since they are placed directly over muscles. EMS helps grow muscle fibers with short but intense training.

  • Develop A Better Posture

Your posture can also benefit from EMS training. Exercises for the spine, lower back, abs, and shoulders are included in our unique fitness programs.

  • Get A Toned, Firm Body

iFitzone EMS training will help you to have toned muscles, reduce fat, and as well as sessions. Combined with cardio sessions, EMS fitness training results in improved circulation of the connective and as well as muscular tissues that help you to have toned and firm skin.

  • Relieve Joints

Another benefit of EMS training is that it does not pose any pressure on your joints, which weight training does the opposite. 

Unlike standard weight training, EMS Training does not place pressure on the joints. The EMS system exaggerates your movements rather than requiring a lot of joint activity. Our specialist trainers may also assist you in recovering from an injury or joint pain using EMS.

  • Have A Better Muscular Balance

EMS can be used to treat individual muscle groups whether you have a muscular imbalance or uneven, poorly developed muscles. The body can be balanced with competent electrode positioning on the training suit and subsequent workouts.

  • Save Time

Long training workouts are difficult to come by in ’s a busy lifestyle. With EMS, you will get the same results as a 90-minute workout in just 20 minutes, with your choice of strength and cardio exercise.

Getting Better And Faster Results With Ems Training

In most cases, just about 30% of the muscle fibers contract as you workout. The remaining 70% remain inactive, waiting to be activated until the others have tired out. EMS allows you to electrically activate and strengthen these sleeping muscle fibres.

Clinical trials have shown that EMS is most successful when muscles are very weak and regular anti-gravity movements are difficult to execute. As a result, EMS is extremely useful for injury healing and as well as psychotherapy.

According to studies, learning how to transmit a message to individual muscles by the quickest route – a “memory channel” for muscle contraction – takes around 10,000 repetitions. The earlier your body finds this channel, the more often your muscle contracts. EMS helps you learn faster by providing you with frequent contractions.

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Thornhill is a suburb of York, Ontario, Canada, located in the York Regional Municipality. Thornhill is located on Toronto’s northern outskirts, centred on Yonge Street, and to the south of the city of Richmond Hill. Thornhill, which was once a police station, is now a postal code.

It is divided between the cities of Vaughan (on the west) and Markham (on the east), with Yonge Street serving as the civic border. Thornhill had a total population of 112,719 people in 2016, including both its Vaughan and Markham areas. 

Coordinates: 43°48′58″N – 79°25′28″W

Country:  Canada

Province : Ontario

Regional Municipality: York

Cities: Vaughan and Markham

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