EMS Fitness Training for Bodybuilding

ems training for bodybuilding

Whether you are a beginner or advanced ems trainer, it is important to have the right information about ems for bodybuilding. This blog post iFitZone Team will provide you with all of the ems training advice that you need to build muscle and get in shape faster. Whether your goal is looking good naked or looking good on stage, this blog post has something for everyone!

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    What is EMS training and how does it work?

    EMS training is a type of physical conditioning that uses electric current to contract muscles. The most common use for this technology is in the medical field where patients who have suffered damage to their nervous system due to injury or disease can train with electrical stimulation devices. These devices are used on patient’s muscles to help them strengthen and move.

    EMS devices for fitness training, such as the ones we use at iFitZone, work in a similar way to those used by medical professionals with one important difference: EMS technology can be used to stimulate muscle contractions without actually moving any part of your body (like physical therapy equipment would). While physical therapy EMS devices are used to rehabilitate muscles after injury, our Fitnescity equipment is designed for bodybuilding training.

    How to use EMS for weight loss and bodybuilding?

    EMS training is a form of weight loss that uses electrical muscle stimulation to shed pounds. It has been shown in studies to help improve metabolic rate and reduce body fat percentage, even when combined with dieting and exercise (Dietz et al., 2016). EMS fitness can also be used as part of the strength training process, as was shown in a study that found “that EMS exercise training enhanced the progression of LVH regression during strength training” (Dietz et al., 2016). This allows users to use both weight loss and muscle-building goals with one form of fitness.

    This form of training is also very versatile when it comes to convenience. It can be used on your own or in a group, and it can be combined with other forms of exercise like walking, running, cycling, and more. It is also simple to use: all you need is an EMS device (like the Myrobella Vibrating Vest) along with some shoes and workout clothes.

    The benefits of using EMS in your workouts

    There are many, but for bodybuilders, it boils down to two main reasons:

    The first is that EMS training provides muscle contractions in the shortest possible time. Research has shown this type of contraction can lead to greater muscle growth in less time than traditional resistance training methods.

    Second, because you’re able to use much lower weights with EMS, you’re able to engage the target muscle fibers without putting too much stress on them. This reduces your risk of injury and allows for faster recovery between workouts, which means it’s possible to train more frequently with EMS than traditional resistance training methods.

    Also,  EMS training can be done at home using equipment that’s relatively inexpensive.

    Why you should consider adding this type of training to your bodybuilding routine?

    Adding  EMS Fitness training into your workout routine will allow you to build muscle and get in shape faster than possible with traditional weightlifting. This is because this method of fitness training stimulates muscles at a deeper level, causing them to break down more quickly which leads to rebuilding stronger for improved performance later on.

    This type of bodybuilding also comes with added benefits like improved flexibility, increased endurance levels, and improved overall coordination. You should consider implementing EMS fitness training with your workouts because of the following reasons:

    • Build muscle faster
    • Increase endurance levels for improved performance at the gym
    • Improved flexibility & coordination.
    • To get in shape faster
    • Improved overall performance at the gym.

    Different types of exercises you can do with a home-EMS machine:

    You can do traditional strength training exercises with an EMS machine. Just attach the electrodes to your muscles, set the timer and work out just like you would at a gym or in your home gym. Here are some examples of what is possible:

    • Traditional bench press – just place one electrode on top of each shoulder with another under both biceps and the other two on your chest.
    • Cable tricep extensions – place one electrode under each bicep for a serious tricep burn!
    • Lat pulldowns – attach electrodes to the upper lats, rear deltoids and forearm muscles.
    • Standing calf raises – place one electrode on each side of the lower calves.
    • Upper body boxing training – attach electrodes to your biceps and chest for a great workout!
    • Hanging leg raises – place one electrode on top of each thigh and the other under your feet.
    • Standing leg curls – attach electrodes to the quads, hamstrings, and calves for a fantastic workout!

    Pros & Cons of Home-EMS Machines vs Commercial Devices:

    Pro: Can be used in the privacy of your own home, set up time is quick

    Con: expensive equipment so you will have to factor the cost into your budget

    Pro: experts are available for assistance or guidance if required

    Con: there may not be support locally near you. It’s important to find a reputable company with a good reputation, and one that can provide you with a detailed manual on how to use their product.

    Pro: the machine is compact & easy to store

    Con: while it’s portable for home use, there are also some drawbacks such as lack of portability when traveling or moving house.

    Pro: many products have preprogrammed settings for different muscle groups to make it easier & faster

    Con: not all products have this feature, and you may need to use more than one machine if working out multiple muscle groups at the same time.

    Pro: while some models require an electrical socket nearby, others can run on batteries (requires frequent battery changes) or a car battery (requires you to take the machine with you in your car)

    Con: some models require an electrical socket nearby which can reduce portability

    Pro: many products allow for different settings such as resistance level, speed & time. This makes it easier to use and allows flexibility depending on how much time or energy you have that day, and also allows you to work up in speed and resistance over time

    Con: not all products have this feature, which means you may need to use more than one machine if working out multiple muscle groups at the same time.

    Pro: studies show they are effective when combined with a healthy diet & exercise plan

    Con: some people don’t feel they are effective because they don’t see changes on their body as quickly as with other exercise equipment


    We hope this post has given you the information needed to make an informed decision about EMS training. If it all seems too complicated or if you are not sure where to start, book a session with us today and we will help guide your journey towards muscle growth and fat loss!

    This is something that can be done in any gym setting so there’s no excuse for not getting started on your fitness goals. Which areas of your body would like to target?

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