Strengthening Bladder Control Muscles with EMS Training

ems training for bladder control muscles

In today’s society, bladder control is a common issue. In fact, it is estimated that over one-third of women suffer from some type of bladder control problem. For many people, this can lead to numerous complications and personal embarrassment. The good news? There are ways to strengthen your bladder muscles and regain the ability to go when you want! This blog post will discuss how ems training can help improve your quality of life and get you back in control again!

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    What are the benefits of EMS Training for bladder control muscles?

    EMS Training for bladder control muscles is a combination of physical therapy and electrical stimulation to help exercise muscle groups. In this case, the target muscle group is your pelvic floor which controls bladder functions such as urination. This type of training can increase strength in those muscles so that you have better urinary control throughout the day! Another benefit from EMS training is that it can help with urinary incontinence, which occurs when you leak urine due to an accident or physical activity such as coughing.

    EMS Training  for bladder control muscles has been found to be very effective and many doctors recommend the therapy. It’s also possible to do at home using a pelvic floor exerciser and a device that provides electrical stimulation. 

    How does EMS Training work to strengthen bladder control muscles?

    EMS Training uses the principles of neuromuscular electrical stimulation (NMES) to re-educate and strengthen pelvic floor muscles. NMES is a therapy that sends low voltage, short pulses of electricity through an electrode pad placed on the skin or muscle. It has been used for decades in medicine as a means of strengthening weak muscles.

    This is because when these muscles weaken or become too fatigued from incontinence they can no longer support the pressure necessary to keep urine inside of your body until you find a bathroom. When this happens, it results in leakage that can lead to embarrassing accidents that disrupt your life.

    The muscle stimulation received during the program triggers nerve impulses which are sent back into muscles, causing them to contract and relax similar to how these same muscles would if you performed a Kegel exercise on your own. The EMS Training device is also equipped with sensors that detect when pelvic floor muscles are contracting normally, and when they’re not. When the device detects that your muscles have stopped working it provides a warning through audio tones then gives you another chance to perform an exercise correctly before turning it off completely.

    Why is it important to have strong bladder control muscles?

    Having strong bladder control muscles is important for many reasons. First, it can help to prevent embarrassing accidents that may result in injury or cause embarrassment if the person falls on the ground. Second, strong bladder control muscle can reduce sleep disturbance with less frequent urination at night and better sleeping patterns overall which helps promote good health during any age group whether young children or adults.

    Last, strong bladder control muscles can help prevent the need for using a catheter to drain urine from the body or assistive equipment such as an external urinary device during medical procedures and recovering post-surgery. 

    Who should consider using EMS Training to strengthen their bladder control muscles?

    Individuals who suffer from urinary incontinence (a sudden, uncontrolled release of urine), those who are pregnant or post-partum, people with overactive bladder syndrome (OAB) and urge incontinence, also individuals suffering from conditions that affect the pelvic floor muscles such as multiple sclerosis, spinal cord injuries, diabetes mellitus, stroke victims, etc.

    How can I get started with EMS Training?

    iFitZone offers professional EMS training programs not only for individuals experiencing certain conditions such as having weaker bladder muscles but also for those who wish to lose weight fast and build muscle. Feeling wiped? No time for the gym? iFitzone has the answer you need! Our personal training and classes can help you get and stay in shape. You’ll feel energized, muscular, toned, and sexy! Schedule a session today to find out about all your fitness options.

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