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“EMS” is the abbreviation for “Electro Muscular Stimulation.” It’s a full-body training activity that uses impulsive current from a technological standpoint. Electrical impulses are continually sent by our central nervous system to regulate our muscle movement in daily life. EMS takes use of this natural principle and amplifies it to reach deeper muscle layers that are difficult to engage with traditional training. This is accomplished by placing EMS electrodes right above the muscle on the skin. Below we will see some valuable EMS training facts.

Overall, EMS may be described as a selective augmentation of external electrical impulses. Working out aggressively while using our EMS equipment yields the greatest benefits. While executing a series of low-impact workouts, muscles are also stimulated by the electrodes. This combination of training creates a higher level of stress, resulting in very effective training effects. By altering the workout intensity according to your unique objectives, your trainer can manage each muscle area. With EMS, you may get visible and measurable results in a short period. The workout is neither painful nor hazardous to your health. Lets see more EMS facts, EMS training before and after, results and as well as pictures.

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    EMS Training Helps You activate more muscle groups at once

    With each contraction in EMS training, 92 percent of muscles are stimulated simultaneously. Muscle contractions are greater and more powerful than can be achieved by voluntary effort alone. Deeper muscle areas are stimulated than in traditional weight training, resulting in improved intra and intermuscular coordination.

    You can build muscle in a shorter time

    With the help of these scientifically proven facts, you may get very efficient results in a short amount of time. According to research, exercising with EMS is far more effective than traditional weight training at the gym or home.

    You will have a better shape no matter how old you are

    According to the study, the majority of individuals (87 percent) identified significant obvious changes in their body shape as well as a more favorable impression of their appearance. Following the training, 89 percent reported feeling more firm. Within 6 weeks of EMS Training, 81 percent of the individuals had achieved a 4 percent decrease in body fat percentage.

    Women dropped an average of 1.5 cm around their waist and hips over the study. People who were overweight shed an average of 3,5 kg and 9 percent body fat over six weeks, as well as 6,5 cm off their waist and 2 cm from their upper arm circumference. People over the age of 65 shed 6.9% of their abdominal fat and gained six centimeters in waist circumference.

    Improve your performance

    84 percent of those who took part in the study reported an increase in their performance capability. A significant improvement in endurance was demonstrated by 71 percent of participants. A 17 percent improvement in maximum strength was achieved after just four training sessions.

    A 30 percent boost in maximum performance was achieved after just four training sessions. In most cases, the pace of contraction rose by 22 percent on average. An increase of 74% in the explosive power of the trunk musculature was discovered.

    By including EMS Fitness training into your bodybuilding program, you will be able to gain muscle and get in shape much more quickly than you would be able to with regular weightlifting. As a result, this style of fitness training stimulates muscles at a deeper level, leading them to break down more rapidly, resulting in their rebuilding stronger for enhanced performance in the long-term.

    EMS Training is a great way for seniors, especially those over the age of 60 and 70, to get some exercise. Electrical muscle stimulation treatment helps to keep blood pressure and heart rate in a healthy range. As a result, even if you have a slight cardiac issue, you may exercise with confidence. Of course, you may consult a physician before the first session.

    EMS Training for bladder control muscles combines physical treatment with electrical stimulation to assist muscle groups workout. The pelvic floor, which governs bladder functions like urination, is the target muscle group in this situation. This form of exercise may strengthen those muscles, allowing you to maintain better urine control throughout the day! Urinary incontinence, which happens when you leak pee due to an accident or physical activity such as coughing, is another advantage of EMS training.

    EMS is often used for injury rehabilitation to treat a number of ailments, including as persistent muscular pain and joint stiffness. Electrical stimulation has been found to enhance blood flow and tissue repair in muscles, as well as reduce spasms.

    The following are some of the most prevalent kinds of injuries handled by EMS:

    • post-surgical rehabilitation 

    • acute tendonitis 

    • functional improvement 

    • chronic pain 

    • muscle strains and tears

    EMS training is 18 times more effective when combined with traditional training

    It just takes 20 minutes every week to become a healthier, stronger version of yourself. 89 percent of those who took part in the study reported a reduction in back discomfort. Moreover, a third of individuals who answered the survey said their persistent back pain has vanished. Seventy-five percent of individuals who participated reported improvement in incontinence issues, with 33 percent reporting complete recovery from incontinence.

    Participants who had persistent problems said that their pain had been completely alleviated in 44 percent of cases. Moreover, 40% of research participants complained of back discomfort at the start of the trial; after six weeks, the percentage dropped to only 9%. On average, 85 percent of those who took part in the study saw a change in their body shape, and 90 percent said the EMS training approach was beneficial.

    EMS weight loss results

    So, you should anticipate noticing better muscle definition and fat loss after only one month. Even better, you’ll be able to alleviate any existing aches and pains you may have by increasing your strength and leanness. In just eight sessions.

    EMS training has been demonstrated to be very beneficial in several studies conducted at German universities. It aids in the rapid development of muscular mass, the reduction of stress, and the alleviation of back discomfort. After six months of EMS training, researchers at the German Sport University in Cologne saw an increase in muscle mass of 14%. EMS training is very beneficial to those with weak back muscles, yet many specialists advise against it. In the long term, endurance sports and regular strength training cannot be substituted for it.

    ems training before and after pictures

    ems workout results


    In a nutshell, no. There are no dangerous side effects if you are a healthy, athletic individual who follows the proper methods. It is used as movement therapy by doctors such as physical therapists and kinesiologists.

    Ab stimulators, a form of electronic muscle stimulator, are devices that electrically stimulate your abdominal muscles to make them seem stronger and more athletic.

    Electrical stimulation training has been found in studies to improve muscular endurance as well as strength. People who used ab stimulators saw small reductions in waist size, even when their weight remained the same, according to one research study.

    Indeed. Equipment that sends a stimulating pulse to your muscles is known as EMS (electrical muscle stimulation). This results in a muscular contraction, similar to the one you would get while lifting a weight.

    In essence, it’s simulating how you’d control a muscle. By triggering this contraction, EMS helps to strengthen and expand muscles. When a muscle is contracted, it is doing work, which causes lactic acid to enter the muscle and begin the growing process—the same thing that happens when you lift weights. Many sportsmen who want to get a competitive edge utilize EMS to gain muscle mass quicker.

    Because EMS training may target hard-to-reach places, you can tone your complete body more effectively than ever before. EMS, when combined with aerobics, helps to tone muscles while also burning fat, reducing cellulite, and improving circulation… resulting in tighter, more toned skin.

    Yes, it’s risk-free. Reputable sports institutes have scientifically demonstrated that EMS training is both safe and beneficial. Always consult your doctor if you are confused about anything!

    However, please note that EMS training is NOT safe for pregnant women and people with pacemakers.

    It’s necessary to know how often you can exercise using Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) technology before determining how many you need. Taking a day or two off between workouts will enable your muscles to rest and regenerate.

    Electro Muscle Stimulation (EMS) training is effective for weight loss, and one of our customers provided the following thoughts regarding his personal experience. “I’m extremely delighted with the results: I’ve dropped 7.1 kgs in 12 sessions, I’m in much better condition, and EMS exercise has helped me lose a lot of belly fat.”

    want to loose fat fast and build muscle by simply training 20x2 minutes per week?

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