EMS training at home: EMS fitness reviews, before and after, results

ems training at home

Are you looking for EMS training at home? iFitZone offers personalized ems training sessions in your comfort. Thanks to our latest generation of home training EMS kits of different styles, we offer a genuine EMS experience. 

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    Achieve faster results and transform your fitness journey. Find the Best EMS Training Near Me

    Why to choose ems training at home?

    There is an increasing demand for EMS gadgets that may be used for home training. It’s the most efficient and effective approach to keep in shape, and it only takes 20 minutes to do twice a week. EMS fitness is about much more than just looking good. For decades, this technique has been applied in the fields of medicine and rehabilitation. Professional athletes and Olympic teams have endorsed it as an important component of their training for international tournaments.

    EMS method of training is based on electrical muscle stimulation. This implies that we use low-voltage electrical impulses to activate the deep muscles. Because these muscles do not have a well-developed link to the human brain, we must rely on outside support to activate them. Electrofitness allows us to use practically all of our muscles at the same time. The approach provides quick results in a short amount of time. It’s worth noting that EMS training is a fully risk-free method of training.

    EMS training reviews

    Many individuals are telling about their weight-loss, muscle-building journeys using EMS training. Below, we would like to refer to one of our client’s fat loss stories. As per her wish, however, we agreed not to disclose her name.

    • Weeks One And Two

    Walking into my first visit were a bit nerve-wracking, to say the least. Connecting myself to a gadget that would transmit electrical impulses across my body was a bit unnerving. There were a few things I was curious about. Is it going to be a painful experience?

    With the help of technicians, I was given a tight-fitting pair of shorts and an EMS suit. Even a pair of shoes isn’t required for the training, they said. It’s convenient to be able to conduct sessions right from the workplace!

    A series of typical inquiries about my health and any injuries I’d sustained followed and my measurements were collected. After devouring a burrito and six-pack of churros last night, I was beginning to regret it.

    When I arrived at the gym, I was strapped into a vest with cables attached, a strap over my thighs, arms, and legs, and attached to the machine by a cord.

    I was embarrassed to ask, “Is this going to hurt?”. It was with a smirk that my trainer said, “No. A weak urge will begin to flow through your body, and I want you to tell me when to turn it down. If you can sense them, then that’s OK with me.

    First, the buzzes felt like pins and needles on my skin. There were a few in my belly and back that gave me the sensation of having a massage being given to me from the inside out. While weird, it didn’t hurt in the slightest bit. Phew!

    All the exercises were performed, including lunges, crunches, bicep curls, and more. Aside from that, the impulses were weakening as my body warmed up. It’s time to turn the volume up. Wow, I started to get a little hot!

    My exercise was done in a flash. I was astounded at how quickly the session flew by. Even though I’m not a lover of working out, I could have easily continued.

    My legs and bottom ached the rest of the week after my first session, and they still do after my second. In other words, I’m not complaining at all. If I don’t do something about my post-baby body, I’ll be sporting a Kim K derriere in no time. It’s time for the next meeting! That week and the next week, I’ll be back in the studio.

    • Weeks Three And Four

    When it came time for sessions five through eight, we stepped things up quite a bit. We added metabolic training to the final five minutes of each session, in addition to the usual toning and strengthening activities I had been performing for the first couple of weeks.

    To shed pounds, I increased my aerobic workouts, which I performed while connected to an EMS machine for weight loss. Squats, kettlebell swings, and shadow boxing are some of the most effective exercises for this workout. It was the lying-down bicycles that worked my abs.

    In addition, there were 30-second running breaks in between each activity. They also had me perform high-knee lifts as the last challenge. My heart was racing, to say the least!

    Five minutes of continuous movement was the objective. It was a lot more intense than the other workouts I’ve done… and I found it to be a wonderful experience. There is also a difference in pulse rate between the strengthening frequency and the pulse rate itself. The sensation is more like tapping or vibrating on your muscles than a deep-tissue massage, and you can see your body swaying with the currents—crazy!

    • Week Five

    During my last week of classes, I pushed myself to the limit. I had a goal in mind, and know what? I’d started to see a few. My midsection now has some definition. Although my muffin top is significantly less muffiny, I can see a set of baby abs popping through when I look in the mirror.

    In addition, my back is grateful to me. I have lower back discomfort because of previous sports injuries… “Working out will strengthen your core muscles, which, in turn, helps to ease back discomfort,” I’ve been told several times. Because of my laziness in the past, I’ve never tried this strategy out. It does what it’s supposed to! After five weeks of EMS training, my back problem seems to be completely gone.


    It’s fair to say that after five weeks of devoted EMS training, I’m hooked. It’s quick, efficient, and a lot of fun. In the end, everything worked out brilliantly for me, and the results speak for themselves. Two enthusiastic thumbs up from me after the first ten sessions have made a noticeable difference in my physical appearance. There is no time like the present. Take advantage of the excitement and get your booty down as soon as possible! 

    Although most programs yield similar results, one research indicated that a 12-week EMS program resulted in a 30 percent gain in strength and a modest decrease in fat mass. Another study indicated that it improved the speed and power of athletes. The predicted calorie burn per 20-minute session is between 200 and 300 (my Fitbit showed a burn of closer to 150 calories, but I’m just 5’2″ and not very muscular). In other words, a 5K run will get you closer to your goal.

    For healthy and successful weight loss, EMS exercise is the ultimate calorie buster. EMS workouts burn more calories than any other sort of physical activity.

    Enhance your athleticism and stamina by gaining muscle mass more quickly. It’s an excellent idea to join EMS for a variety of reasons. The Visionbody EMS suit will help you get the most out of yourself.

    People who frequently work out their muscles consume more calories throughout the day. A person with a lot of muscle mass burns more calories per day than a person with a lot of fat mass. With Visionbody, you may also expect to lose a significant amount of weight as a result of its EMS training.

    EMS may reach up to 90% of the trained muscle fibers, while conventional muscle training only reaches a fraction of that number. The complete body is activated by tiny electrical impulses using iFitZone EMS training. A 14 percent increase in muscle mass was documented by researchers at the Cologne Sports University.

    Benefits of EMS training

    • Stimulates muscular blood flow

    Lower frequencies of EMS have been demonstrated to improve the flow of blood to muscular tissues. Electrical impulses in the muscle contract and relax in a pumping motion, increasing blood flow into the muscle and assisting in the removal of metabolites from the muscle.

    • Enhances Muscular Strength and Power

    Athletes that use electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) have shown an increase in muscular contraction rates and strength. Individuals undergoing rehabilitation may also find this useful since it stimulates and re-educates muscle fibers while also building strength without putting too much stress on joints or connective tissues (this may be helpful for lifters recovering from joint or connective tissue injuries).

    • Reduces Muscle Pain

    Some studies have shown that athletes who followed EMS procedures felt less muscular discomfort compared to those who did not (3). An athlete’s ability to exercise harder and recover faster between training sessions is enhanced when they have a reduced level of discomfort (perceived or real).

    • Improved Psychological Recovery

    EMS has been found to increase an athlete’s psychological and perceived recovery. This is significant because an athlete who “feels” healed (and frequently is owing to the aforementioned factors and appropriate programming) would be able to approach training aggressively and gain more training benefits.


    In general, EMS exercises are considered safe, but pregnant women or those with preexisting medical conditions should not participate. If you have a pacemaker, a seizure disorder, or active blood clots, you should avoid EMS.

    There are no negative side effects if you are a healthy, active individual who follows the right procedure. Physical therapists and kinesiologists employ it as a kind of movement therapy.

    The only adverse effect you’ll encounter is your body’s natural reaction to increased muscular activity, which is a good thing. For the body to adapt to the electrical loads we provide, it must suffer from the well-known painful or damaged muscle fibers

    want to loose fat fast and build muscle by simply training 20x2 minutes per week?

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