iFitZone, EMS studio in Vaughan, offers professional EMS personal training at affordable prices. Our professional personal trainers will make sure you get the best out of your workouts and attain great fitness and performance.

We specialize in EMS workout to help you feel and look your best. We’ll work with you to make sure that every workout is tailored uniquely for your needs, so no two sessions are the same! 

Our whole team is committed to helping our clients get their goals while maintaining a fun environment by focusing on sound technique, specially designed workouts for each individual client’s specific health or performance goals.

What is EMS training?

Electro muscle stimulation training (EMS) is a form of exercise that utilizes the principle of electric currents to stimulate muscles. EMS sends electrical impulses through electrodes attached to the skin that causes involuntary contractions in the muscles. The contractions are known as “twitches.” 

The contractions cause a muscle to produce more ATP, which make it easier for it to recover and grow after an intense workout. This type of training can be used on any muscle group and has been shown to increase strength and endurance.

ems training vaughan ifitzone

two 20-minute workouts PER WEEK is all you need to lose weight

Why Choose iFitZone EMS Studio?

At iFitZone, understand that everyone is different and has their own unique needs. That’s why our team of doctors, personal trainers, and nutritionists will work with you to create a tailored program just for you. You can even get started from the comfort of your own home!

With our expert guidance, we’ll make sure that every workout is challenging enough so that results come quickly – but not too difficult so they become discouraging. And when it comes time for meal planning, we’ll provide healthy recipes and grocery lists to keep things simple. It doesn’t matter if you’re just starting out or have been working hard for years – we’ve got what it takes to help anyone achieve their health and fitness goals!

The Benefits of Having EMS Personal Trainer

Our personal trainers work with clients to help them learn about fitness and then create a program that is suitable for each individual. During EMS personal training, the clients learn about exercise and nutrition. We also challenge our athletes by creating workouts that are tailored to their skill set and fitness goals.

During the initial phase of the training, we work with clients to make lifestyle changes so they can begin living healthier life from the ground up. They also create an exercise program that will be suitable for each client.

The progress continues by helping clients achieve their goals by encouraging them and making sure they remain motivated throughout the course of their training. Through regular follow-up sessions, personal trainers can monitor progress and make adjustments as needed. They also provide tips on how to stay active even after the training is over.

at our studio, we help clients in changing their lifestyle and achieving optimal health by providing the following:

– motivation;

– fitness assessment, including body fat percentage, strength tests, flexibility and cardiovascular testing; and

– exercise guidance that meets each individual’s needs.

Lose weight while having fun with our amazing trainers who are always around, available 24/7 outside or inside a private studio just for you. You can find your perfect workout and diet plan here!

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