Does EMS Workout Help To Build Muscle? – (and is it safe?)

ems workout by ifitzone

What Is EMS Workout?

Perhaps you have seen videos of many famous people working with wires attached to their muscles in a futuristic suit on Instagram. You may have also heard about the new training, which “shocks” the muscles. Or maybe there is someone you know who has perhaps taken physical therapy with EMS. Now you wonder, does EMS workout really help? 

What Is EMS Technology?

In recent years, many fitness influencers have been excited by EMS-integrated workouts. During EMS workouts, your muscles are sent electrical impulses to recruit more muscle cells. They help to improve the intensity of a workout.  It is believed that you can actually exercise longer and boost your fitness levels with EMS training in a shorter amount of time.

How Does Ems Workout Feel Like?

If you are having ems muscle training for the first time, then it might feel a bit odd. EMS session won’t hurt you. But it feels like a vibration or someone flicks you instantly with a rubber band. Although it sounds different, you don’t necessarily shock during an EMS exercise. In other words, this energy is not even enough to start a vehicle or battery.

Electric muscle stimulation training is a method that physical therapists use to help people recover from surgery or rehabilitate injuries. EMS exercise is usually used in cases when a person has muscle inhibition and fatigue, due to discomfort, swelling, and immobilization, for example, many individuals appear to have weakened quads following ACL knee surgery. EMS will “trigger” or wake up the quads, helping the patient to retain his muscle mass or functions completely.

Does Ems Really Work?              

Yes. EMS is especially helpful for those who have suffered an accident or have had a stroke who really need to “re-teach” how to stimulate a muscle in their brain.

The brain sends electrical impulses to neurons in muscle fibers and makes muscles contract. During EMS workouts, the procedure essentially imitates what the brain is doing.  Trainers may give a slight electrical impulse to a muscle that signals it to contract by attaching electrode pads to separate areas of a muscle.

Benefits Of Ems Workout

EMS machines enable more muscle fibers to be activated than a normal strength workout. Therefore,  it’s actually much more complete. During the exercise session at iFitzone,  you wear a vest and a pair of shorts, which have electrodes on them. A trainer will then walk you through a series of basic workouts for bodyweight, including lunges, pushups, squats, and crunches. Then he’s going to change the electricity level sent to your muscles. EMS type of workouts is very efficient. A 2016 study showed that individuals working out with EMS had greater gains in terms of strength than people who simply did conventional exercises.

Is Ems Safe?

When you receive EMS treatment from your physical therapist or doctor, he will know how to regulate and adjust the electricity provided by the device accordingly. However, since EMS devices do operate with electricity, there is a still possibility of electrocution from the wires or cables. As a result, it’s essential to do your study and check out what kind of EMS device the instructor or gym is using.

Does Ems Training Have Side Effects?

In general, EMS training workouts are not suitable for all. You should not use EMS if you have pacemakers or defibrillators because it can prevent the devices from working properly. Pregnant women and people with epilepsy should also avoid it. Because there isn’t enough evidence to demonstrate whether it’s safe. If you’re not certain though, speak to your doctor before trying EMS.

Can EMS Workouts Replace Conventional Exercising?

Although it sounds very exciting, an electronic muscle simulator suit alone won’t help you to build muscle. However, the study proves that when incorporated with traditional workouts, EMS training can become much more effective in terms of losing weight and building muscle. In addition, since it activates more muscle groups at the same time, you will only need 40 minutes of training per week to get amazing results.

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