COVID-19 prevention measures

At IFIT ZONE Studio, the safety and well-being of our members are our top priority. 

In order to provide our members with a safe, effective, and enjoyable training environment, while at the same doing our best to prevent the spread of COVID-19, we have implemented these COVID-19 protocols in our studio.

  • Members and our staff are asked to stay home if they are feeling unwell.  
  • Masks are required upon arrival and if waiting in the studio.
  • Members are asked to arrive 5-10 minutes before the start of your session to allow extra time to get changed and get ready.
  • Temperatures are taken at the door before allowing entry for all employees and members.
  • Hand sanitizing stations are set up at various locations in the studio.
  • Members will be asked to sanitize their hands at the entrance and before the training session.
  • During the workout you will not be required to wear a mask; however, this is based on personal preference.  
  • Workout stations have been set up to maintain a physical distance of 2 meters. 
  • The necessary equipment needed for your workout will be set up at your station.
  • After each session, there will be a thorough disinfecting of all workout areas.
  • Indoor shoes are always required.
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