9 Benefits Of EMS Training You Didn’t Know

benefits of ems training

What Is EMS Training In The First Place?

EMS training is one of the widely applied therapy methods that has been mainly utilized by physiotherapists. However, nowadays EMS is not only used as a therapy method but also in competitive sports as well. As an individual, you can enjoy EMS exercises in many ways. In the following article, crafted by the iFitzone team you can find the most essential benefits of EMS training.

The intensity of training is provided by electrical stimulation, which puts no excess pressure or strain on your joints or ligaments.

According to many studies, compared to traditional methods of exercising, EMS training can help you to get a better shape, increase strength, and as well as stamina when combined with regular workouts.

EMS is also used for rehabilitation. It helps patients to recover after injury, while improving their fitness performance.

We all know that when we are physically fit and healthy, our mental well being and sense of balance also greatly improves. EMS helps you to achieve this sense of inner well being in less time and faster. In fact, 40 minutes of exercising per week is a great choice for those who have busy and active lifestyles, such as busy professionals, working parents and etc.

Is EMS Training Really Effective?

The advantages of EMS workouts are well known to boost your sports performance and as well as fitness levels. This technically sophisticated routine can be used by everyone to boost their physical and athletic capabilities. With EMS, you will also have a great body shape as well!

This training method is not only used by athletes. In fact, this technology is also used by fashion models and celebrities to suit their exercise into busy schedules, as well as to benefit from the impressive results of EMS on the skin, eliminating cellulite, enhancing skin tone.

9 Benefits of EMS Training

  1. EMS Helps To Build Muscle

Muscle building with EMS is faster and more effective than traditional workouts. It helps to increase the muscle mass and density by the extra stimulation provided during the training sessions. Many people usually note an improvement in the size of their chest, arm, and leg muscles after only a couple of training sessions.

The research also shows that EMS especially helps to speed up recovery, and the muscle re-building process after a surgical operation. Please note that you should always have confirmation from your doctor in advance. With EMS fitness training, you will have a lasting and gentle improvement.

  1. EMS Helps To Develop Endurance and Strenght

The benefits of EMS training is not only limited to muscle building. A standard workout routine in the gym only recruits 40 – 70% of your muscles. EMS session, however, helps you to use up to 90% of your body muscles during the workouts. It helps to achieve great results by intensifying muscle contractions and improving the quality of the overall routine.

It also promotes better blood circulation through your connective tissues and as well as skin. This increased circulation helps to remove toxins, making the skin appear lighter and smoother.

  1. EMS Promotes Fat Loss

With EMS training, you can also achieve higher levels of metabolic activity not only during but even for many hours after the workout.  This, in turn, will help your body to burn more fat and retain lean muscle mass.

EMS exercise for women has been shown to decrease the size of typical problematic areas, including around the waist, hips, and thighs. For men, benefits of EMS also include developed leg, arm, chest, and back muscles, whilst reduced waist size.

  1. EMS Can Aid Back Pain By Improving Posture

You may develop a number of uncomfortable symptoms, and sometimes back pain, due to an imbalance in the postural muscles in the tummy, back, and as well as the pelvic floor. This is especially obvious in individuals who sit at a desk for a long time.

These hard to reach muscle groups may be precisely targeted and trained by EMS. As a result, you will have a significant improvement in symptoms and an increase in general flexibility and posture.

  1. EMS Helps To Decrease Stiffness In Muscles

EMS exercise increases the blood circulation through your skin and muscles, which results in decrease knots and as well as muscular tension. Also, when you training with weights you put a strain on your bones and joints. On the other hand, however, since EMS utilizes electronic simulation, no pressure is directly put on your muscles. This, in turn, means less stress and tension on bones and muscles.         

  1. EMS Boosts Sports Performance For Athletes

Depending on the type of sport you’re in, strength may play a major role in your performance. EMS conditioning not only helps to fix the muscular imbalance, which may otherwise impede your athletic performance, but it also boosts the strength and capacity of your muscles.

Another amazing detail that we should note about EMS training is that it is greatly effective and time-efficient, which you can run alongside your conventional sports.

  1. EMS Relieves Muscle Tension

EMS not only helps with knots and contractures but also relieves tension in your muscles by promoting blood circulation.

  1. EMS Is Used To Treat Muscular Disbalance

Modern jobs involve people sitting behind the desks for a prolonged period of time, which leads to leads to a shortening of the chest muscles while resulting in the weakening of the shoulder and back muscles.

With EMS, your therapist can selectively target special muscle groups, which helps to correct muscular disbalances in problematic areas.

  1. EMS Training Puts Less Pressure And Strain On Your Musculoskeletal System

EMS puts no additional pressure on your muscles, and tendons since it only recruits electrical stimulation to contract muscle fibers. Electrical stimulation during the training session is much easier on the joints and musculoskeletal system compared to heavy loads. This makes you experience gentler workout sessions that pose no extra burden on your joints, such as weights.

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