Benefit Of Ems For Injury Recovery

Benefit Of Ems For Injury Recovery

Electrical muscle stimulation therapy, ems, is a treatment often used to help people recover from injury. It can be especially helpful for those that are suffering from pain and discomfort after an accident or surgery. This blog post will discuss the benefits of ems for injury recovery.

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    What is Ems Therapy?

    Ems for injury recovery is an alternative muscle stimulation therapy that uses muscle contractions, vibration, and heat. It is also known as EMS or Electro Muscle Stimulation.  

    The muscle stimulator is connected to electrodes, which are then placed on the muscle. It can be used as a treatment for chronic muscle or joint pain, post-surgical rehabilitation, and functional improvement in people with acute injuries. It has been shown that Ems therapy improves muscle function by improving the blood supply and muscle tissue, and reducing muscle spasms.

    How does ems machine work?

    Ems machine works by sending electrical impulses to the muscles, which causes contraction. These contractions are similar in force and frequency to those that occur during exercise or physical therapy treatment of skeletal muscle. 

    The electrical impulses are transmitted to the muscles via electrodes placed on the skin. The machine can be set for continuous or intermittent contractions, and different programs allow a variety of muscle groups to be stimulated simultaneously. With most models, up to six channels may be selected at one time with an adjustable intensity from four levels (low-medium-high). The electrical impulse is delivered to the muscle at a frequency that mimics natural impulses.

    Which injuries can be treated with EMS?

    EMS for injury recovery is commonly used to treat a variety of injuries, including chronic muscle pain or joint stiffness. It has been shown that electrical stimulation improves blood flow and tissue healing in muscles, as well as reducing spasms.

    Some common types of injury treated with EMS are:

    • post-surgical rehabilitation 

    • acute tendonitis 

    • functional improvement 

    • chronic pain 

    • muscle strains and tears

    A study of electrical stimulation for the treatment of chronic low back pain found significant improvements in levels of disability, spasm frequency, and severity. Other studies have shown that EMS may be an effective adjunct to physical therapy for treating strains or sprains.” 

    Benefits of EMS for injury recovery:

    Electro Muscle Stimulation therapy has many benefits when it comes to injury recovery.  With EMS, physical therapists can treat chronic pain and muscle strains. It has been found that electrical stimulation improves blood flow and tissue healing in muscles as well as reducing spasms. Injuries include post-surgical rehabilitation, acute tendonitis, and functional improvement.

    One of the benefits is that electro muscle stimulation can also improve range-of-motion due to its ability to reduce spasms. EMS is a proven treatment for chronic pain, and its effectiveness can be seen in the significant improvements it brings about when treating these types of injuries.” 

    If you’re looking for ways to recover from injury, EMS may just be what you need!

    Who should try this therapy?

    EMS is beneficial to many people, but it’s most effective when used on patients with chronic pain or muscle strains. It can also be used for post-surgical rehabilitation and functional improvement.  

    EMS has been used to treat patients in a wide variety of situations and is often most helpful when the pain or muscle strain is chronic. It’s also effective for post-surgical rehabilitation and functional improvement. EMS can be a great tool for people who are dealing with injuries that have left them unable to move their muscles on their own.

    The EMS machine is often used at home, but it can also be found in a physical therapy clinic. The treatment sessions are generally 45 minutes long and have been shown to help with the relaxation of the muscles as well as their functionality. 

    Where to find a provider near you if interested in trying out EMS therapy?

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