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Increasing your physical health is the best, simplest, and safest way of adding happy, pain-free, and satisfying years to your life.
-Dr. Paul Dorian

Medically Supervised Weight Loss Program

Our team of doctors, personal trainers, and nutrition professionals will work with you to create a tailored, personalized program to achieve your health and fitness goals, all from the comfort of your own home or in our private boutique studio.

We will motivate you and provide a safe, judgmental free environment to help you achieve your best self.

about us

IFIT ZONE Studio is an all-inclusive sports, health and performance center and fitness facility located in Vaughan, Ontario offering members unique training and nutrition programs in order to meet the individual needs of a wide range of participants. 

Our mission is to provide everyone with the opportunity to meet their health and fitness goals. In order to achieve this objective, we have assembled expert physicians, trainers, and dieticians in one facility.

We are pleased to offer our clients the opportunity to engage in both EMS and traditional training with a great deal of flexibility and customization to our programs.

Say goodbye to traditional gyms and get ready for your fitness revolution! iFitZone is the safest gym in Vaughan offering all kinds of weight training, nutrition programs at affordable prices. Lose weight while having fun with our amazing trainers who are always around, available 24/7 outside or inside a private EMS training just for you 

health & performance training Programs

Electrical muscle stimulation training


Combination of EMS & Traditional


Our team of physicians will:


For high-performance athletes

To Help You Decide, Your First Training Session Is on Us

Ems TRAINING program

IFIT ZONE – health and performance center introduces cutting-edge technology to the Vaughan health and fitness community.

At IFIT ZONE Fitness Studio we provide a personalized full-body strength and fitness solution that only takes 20 minutes of EMS (Electro Muscle Stimulation) Training regardless of your goals, fitness level, or current limitations.

Our IFIT ZONE PERSONAL TRAINERS will provide a high-intensity interval workout that produces quicker results, with less time spent in the gym, allowing you to spend more time doing what you love.
Only two(2) 20-minute workouts a week achieve the same results as 4-5 hours of conventional training at the gym.

The electrical impulses directly stimulate the muscles avoiding joint overloads and muscle injuries.
The impulses stimulate not only the surface but also the deep muscular tissue, thus helping to alleviate Musculoskeletal pain such as backaches.

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Benefits of Ems
proven program results

We are so sure our amazing programs will blow you away, your first session is free. No obligations, no extra fees.

Come in, have a great work out and start your health and fitness journey with us! It is that simple to start getting in shape!

Body Composition ANaLYSIS
InBODY - Body COmposition Analysis

Body composition analysis is key to helping you achieve your health and fitness goals. Whether you’re trying to lose fat or monitoring how much muscle is developing over time.

Our Inbody assessment goes beyond weight and will measure how much lean mass you have in each body segment. With these values you can monitor how your body is adjusting to dietary changes, fitness routines and lifestyle modification.

We can track progress with the body composition history chart that will be on your results sheet each time you have an Inbody assessment.

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